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Meet Earthtone Trading:

At Earthtone Trading, we believe that creativity is the key element in any endeavor.  As artists ourselves, we understand all levels of the creative process. The most important aspect of art is the base material.  As a premier supplier of top quality, ringing Alabaster sculpting stone, we make sure your artistic eye is enhanced with our stone. Our stone is guaranteed to be the best Alabaster you sculpt.

They say business is all about location, location, location.  We are lucky to live in a place known as Color Country in southern Utah.  This location has provided us with many unique colors of Alabaster that are not found anywhere else on earth. All our colorful stones are completely natural and come out of the ground vibrant.  We truly care for the stone by using mining methods that do not require explosives of any kind.

Whether you are just starting out or have mastered the fine art of sculpting, we know you will be pleased with the perfect stone from Earthtone Trading.

Joseph Cowlishaw –

Owner / CEO & many other hats

Joseph Selfie

Joseph and his wife Christina reside in Cedar City, UT with their five children. He has a background in engineering and design but has always had an interest in running his own business. Joseph is an artist and currently makes pocket Wowflutes in his spare time.  He also enjoys toy photography and being out in the desert.  Mining Alabaster has been a big part of his life from going to the mine as a kid with his grandfather, Paul Lamoreaux, to running Grandpas business Alpine Gems from 2013-2014.

Nathan Cowlishaw –

Owner / Networking & Social Director

Exploring the Desert

As an artist himself, Nathan shares a deep affinity with many of the professional creatives and sculptors of the desert southwest.  His core philosophy has always remained the same with any business venture.  He strives to engage and build true & genuine friendships with whomever he networks with.  Building friendships should be the number #1 priority of any serious business.  Nathan enjoys landscape photography and considers himself a photographer first and foremost.  His work can be seen at Talking Tree.

Cory Williams –

Owner / Research & Logistics

Cory and his wife Alisha reside in Cedar City with their four children (and one on the way).  He has been an entrepreneur in many different endeavors.  Cory realizes the value of working with others to accomplish mutual goals.  He has learned to recognize and develop opportunities that present themselves and has a desire to excel in every regard.

Eric Gardner –

Owner / Process & Equipment

Eric Gardner and his wife reside in Enterprise, UT with their five children.  Eric has accomplished a lot with his own fence business, C & E Fence.  He has a very astute work ethic and is very talented at creating and using tools to make any job easier.

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Via Email:  earthtonestone@gmail.com

Phone:  480-201-9909