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We are very excited to be introducing new top quality Alabaster to the sculpting community.  Our newest stone to the market is ET Brown (Earthtone Trading, ie, ET).

ET Brown Alabaster is a tight structured stone that allows for excellent detail. The various colors of brown resemble the skin of E.T. from Steven Spielberg’s movie; E.T. the Extra Terrestrial.

Mined from our quarry in Northern Arizona, this premium sculpting stone is brand new to the market! Artists using this stone have sculpted impressive pieces that have won best of show.

ET Brown has striations of color that include beige, tans, dark chocolate browns and some faint green streaks intertwined in the edge of the stone.

ET Brown Alabaster
ET Brown Alabaster long talls leaning in the backhoe bucket.
ET Brown Alabaster slab
ET Brown Alabaster with tight structure and banding!

We come from mining stock as our Grandfather (Paul Lamoreaux) started his own company fifty years ago as Alpine Gems & Minerals.  We learned how to work up the stone into fine ringing pieces ready to be sculpted into masterpieces.  We are artists ourselves, and therefore we understand the need to begin with quality materials.  This is why we have painstakingly searched for the best sources of Premium Utah and Arizona Alabaster.

We have also decided to not use explosives of any kind when mining as this tends to lower the quality of the stone by creating blast fractures that can hinder the artistic process.  We use primitive and high tech methods to ensure to take care of the stone through our entire mining and “working up” processes.

We look forward to a great upcoming year of growth and anticipate several new colors on the horizon!  Please come back often and check for updates.  As we organize our inventory we will be rolling out a brand new Virtual Rockyard™, which will include premium stones that one can pick through as if you were right there in person!

Selfie at the quarry
Opening of our new quarry!

Please feel free to contact us about stone availability and we will make sure to take good care of you!


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